New World Order (formerly the Illuminati)

The New World Order is a 'shadow government' composed of a pyramidal hyrearchy of various powerful people and organizations, such as Arfam Cybernetics, the Church of Satan and the United Nations on the topmost levels, which are in control of lower levels and branches, other major people and organizations are various celebrities and talk show hosts (notably Stella Inscana) and various world leaders (mostly US presidents).

Arfam Cybernetics

Arfam Cybernetics is an international technology company involved with products such as smartphones, home asistant AI devices, androids (as in humanoid robots), prostetic limbs and various other technological advancements. The company was founded in 1926 by Andrew J. Arfam who was also one of the first members of the New World Order to join after the members of congress had established it in 1939, this boosted the company's overall dominion over the world and gave them control over large areas of the tech business.