the elemental comet

First spotted on March 25th 2018, this comet was inbound to hit earth right around the atlantic ocean in 2025, however, the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) had a plan for this, once the 'comet' was about to hit earth, they deployed a fleet of ships charged with railguns which would (hopefully) turn the comet into microscopic dust particles which would cause way less destruction than a solid chunk of quartz roughly the size of the eiffel tower.

What the PDCO didn't expect was that a pod made out of a strange material breaking apart from the inside of the comet, releasing 7 small gemstones which would then get scattered through various locations (see "elemental crystals" for the gemstones mentioned).

image of the MAR25 comet

elemental crystals

The elemental crystals are a group of seven alien artifacts capable of causing mass destruction when activated properly. These seven crystals landed on Earth after the PDCO attempted to disintegrate the "elemental comet" using a fleet of energy railguns. The crystals are cut to different shapes and are all connected to each other like a hive mind yet still being capable of having their own individual thoughts. These gemstones of crystal will find a host and connect to their spirit with contact, they will transform them into an energy form which will then be bound to the crystal in control, they will have 3 forms and their own unique powers depending on what element they are bound to.

The following is a table containing the elemental crystals, the element they're bound to, the form they take and their landing sites.

Element Landing site Form taken
Crystal Argentina Crystal Gow
Air Philadelphia Aera
Earth Australia LandSlide
Fire North Atlantic Ocean Pyris
Water South Pacific Ocean Watersteam
Heat Italy Heatreater
Electricity Turkmenistan Elash