NOTE: updated it but it is still a work in progress

Vanity Lord


Vanity Lord, true name Bealyafe is a fallen angel resembling a thin pale 6 foot tall man with 6 arms and multiple mirrors, instead of a head he has what appears to be light rays, which are usually covered by his mirrors anyway, he wears carmine clothing.

He is summoned by placing 6 candles around a circle with his seal drawn on it, then looking at a mirror, closing your eyes and counting to 7, on which he will then appear in the mirror. He talks in a somewhat sassy manner, and over all pretty arrogant and narcisistic, you can do deals with him but like he'll most likely just give you a makeup tutorial and call it a day.

When angered, he can either use the circular floating mirror that orbits his head as a weapon or just break the mirror you're talking to him with, depending on how he feels. Other abilities include levitating, teleportation and summoning his estheticians (see below).



The estheticians are a type of being summoned and controlled by VL, they resemble women with black eyes and a permanent smile, as well as a bendy neck on which they can rotate their heads 360°, their skin is 2 colored with their right side being a slightly violet white while the left side is lavender, their hair and clothes is also purple with one side darker than the other, the hair in question is held up in a bun with a black stick held inside of it, they carry barber tools, makeup, and other similar tools.

They can only be summoned by VL and have a collective hive mind controllable by him, they behave robotic in a way and are focused on keeping their "clients" as pretty as they can.

Window Man

obsession demon

The window man or voyeour is an abyssal demon with the appearance of a malnurished man, with unkept saggy skin and multiple wrinkles, he has lanky fingers with grimy nails and a gaping smile on his face which extends from cheek to cheek, small sharp teeth and small glowing eyes with cataracts, his nose is collapsed and all that's left is the nostril holes, he is balding and has long stringy hair on the sides of his head. He has no lower half and instead levitates off the ground.

This demon behaves quite peculiarly, he tends to stalk its victims until they go insane before dragging them down into a pocket dimension resembling a damp basement with multiple corridors on which he will torment them unless they sacrifice a part of themselves in order to escape, this part can vary in seriousness, from a strand of hair or a fingernail clipping to even a vital organ. The window man is easier to escape from in the early stages of his stalking, something as simple as closing the courtains when he's staring down at you from behind the window (from there the name)


Serkevial, the hatred demon

Serkev (full name Serkevial) is an abyssal demon with two forms; the small form resembles an 8 foot tall man with a slightly muscular build, wearing a loincloth and barbed wire along his arms, legs and on his chest in the shape of an X, he has dry leathery skin of a light ocre color and bony claws in place of fingers, he has no nose (he's a mouth breather) and large sharp teeth that come out of his mouth like an anglerfish, in place of eyes he has dark brown horns that extrude outwards from his face and curve back like a goat, he has long orange hair. His larger form is similar to a puss caterpillar with a long body, no legs and two long arms with small sharp spikes along the sides of them, his hair goes all the way through his back and has spines along it, his horns are slightly longer, in this larger form he's roughly the height of a 2 story building. He is the embodyment of Hatred and directly subservant to Satan



Trolnychta is an abyssal demon that, just like Serkev, has 2 forms, both resembling a black humanoid with a white face and 4 spikes on their back, as well as 2 toed feet with claws. The small form resembles a 7 foot tall humanoid and muscular being holding 2 hatchets on each hand each attatched to a broken chain, whilst the larger form is much more larger and muscular and instead of hands he has bony structures resembling axes. Both of his forms have a face resembling a smiling skull.

He posesses extreme strenght as well as mind control and turning into a black mist as a form of travel, but he mostly uses his hatchets/hammerhands to brutally destroy weaker class demons and other beings. He is the enbodyment of Violence


Beelzebub is a fallen angel resembling a humanoid insect, similar to a hornet, cockroach, or a giant weta. He wears a gray metal crown and has a yellowish exoskeleton, with 2 transparent wings and dark red compound eyes, a segmented bug-like body and hair on his forearms and calfs, similar to a cockroach's, he has a tail and a stinger resembling that of a wasp, as well as 4 arms and 2 fingers on each hand. He has two mandibles extending from his face, which cover a humanoid mouth with no lips resembling that of a rotting corpse. He is followed by a swarm of blowflies.

He can fly short distances with his two wings making a horrible sound doing so, as well as doing clicking noises with his mandibles and wings. Beelzebuth is capable of bringing swarms of various pests and insects including blowflies, botflies, maggots, worms and cockroaches. He is the embodyment of the sin of Gluttony.


adrenochrome demon

Adranoch is another Abyssal Demon, resembling a white humanoid rabbit coated in a red fluid, instead of ears this being has two long horns extending upwards, it has black eyes on the sides of his head and two long sharp orange teeth.