Characters (mid-west crisis)

note: this information is outdated AF, so you might not wanna take it too seriously until i remove this note

Stephany Tawler

Stephany Tawler

Stephany is a 17 year old girl (season 1 to midway through season 6) with reddish brown hair, she wears a light blue V-neck and a black hoodie with the zipper broken and a black skirt.


tat(code name) is a NAOPI agent in training.

he's around 170cm tall,he has black hair and black eyes, wears a white shirt and a blue platt unbuttoned buttonup, dark blue pants and black shoes.

Mary Sunfort

Mary is a 16 year old christian girl with fluffly orange hair and a rosarie, .

Ashley Skotader

Ashley is a 17 year old emo girl with black hair, she wears what you would find at hot topic back in the emo era, she has a dark sense of humour and acts like your stereotypical emo person who tries to act like the Joaquin Phoenix joker (but fails epically).

Helen Danrer

Helen Danrer

Helen is a 16 year old girl with glasses and dark brown hair, she is the shortest of the group being just around 5'2" and wears a grey sweater with a caffeine mollecule drawing which is over a grey skirt.

Theresa aka Terry



Terry is around 5'3" tall, she wears a blue hoodie, glasses, jeans and has short brown hair. These characteristics are kept with her human form, however her skin is the same shade of brown as her fur in the anthrophomioid form.

She used to be a regular argentinian teen who later attempted to make a deal with a fallen angel going by the name of 'asdu', who turned her into a "genetically engineered animal-human hybrid" or type 1 anthrophomioid.

Stella Inscana

Stella is late night show host in michigan and a member of the Illuminati. She is a ~30 year old woman and has blond hair and amber eyes, she wears a dark blue suit with a golden tie and black heels as well as resembling a long term adrenochrome consumer.

Paisley Bursar

Paisley is the cashier character who appears in all stores in iron-deer harbor except for the "suspicious pharmacy" and "shiny karen rock store". She is a 19 year old cashier with dark brown hair held on a ponytail and green eyes, she wears the uniform of the shop she is currently in. She usualy acts like an overworked cashier who has to pay for their college debt working at walmart.

kid named Dick

Dick is a name used for certain side characters, such as the kid Ken Allenbrand uses to try and fight the window man but ends up being eaten in the process, or many other jokes. His appearance varies but is usually a white man with black hair and a tshirt.

Ken Allenbrand

Ken is a 17 year old boy who is part of the guy group, he has blonde hair and wears a white sweatshirt with skinny jeans, the man usually acts not very masculine and a little too suspiciously gay.

Yousef Witt

(credits to tailsfan for the character which was added all the way back in 2021) is a humanoid fox resembling tails from sonic the hedgehog (but with one tail) from antarctica

He appears a couple times in cameos but importantly he

grapple (Karl)

Karl Mürgen was a young german man, who was also tat's pervious work partner before he was hit by a "misterious drunk truck driver", being replaced by Sarah East. He would later be reconstructed by Francis (who stole his body from the hospital to try and pitch it to the New World Order), turning into grapple, who died in episode "" by Tat.

Karl was 5'9" before turning into grapple, when he became grapple his mechanical enhancements made him 6'1". Grapple wears a mask with a gas mask added, he has a pair of retractable metal wings which have two grappling hook guns attatched for travel (and gliding), he wears a nazi uniform (and cap). His weapon of choise is a grappling hook.

Crystal Gow

crystal Gow

Formerly known as Terry (the dog), she got turned into a crystaline formation in the shape of an anthropomorphic canine, later joining grapple after he had gotten A145 on his side, she lasted the longest in comparasion to grapple and A145, and is the only one that isn't dead (although her crystal form is gone (and prime/crystal elemental still lived up until the end of season 5 making them the longest living reccuring villain so far)).


Crystal Gow resembled the regular terry but with more digitigrade legs and no detailed face features, as well as being completely made out of the elemental crystal also known as mutapeculite. Her hands have been turned into sharp points used to impale enemies (similar to the crystal elemental's features).


She can transform her Mutapeculite crystals into different formations, specially around her arm area, as well as creating Mutapeculite formations at will in the floor and walls. She can also partially absorb elements of nature and use them at her advantage like an elemental, just that for a limited amount of time, she's also capable of morphing into people (like most elementals), an easy way to spot if it is a fake is if they have pupils or not (or if their voice sounds off).


heatreater is the 5th elemental with the capabilities of absorbing temperature and controling it (both hot and cold). his human form is of an italian man, he really enjoys the accent that body gives him. He got his core crystal extracted by mark somewhere around late season 4 and asymilated into Mark Prime


Heatreater (human form) resembles a 5'10" 23 year old italian man with black hair, white eyes and a mutapeculite shard on his forehead, he wears a black suit with no tie and black pants, although in his elemental form he appears to be made of ice when he controls cold and into fire when warm and resembles a humanoid being.


As mentioned before, he can absorb, generate and control temperature, making him able to boil and or freeze objects and even living beings, among other temperature related stuff. He can also turn into his true form from time to time.

the grand wizard

the grand wizard

The grand wizard is the boss at the kkk, he lives in their headquarters which are ubicated in the sewers, he is extremely racist.


The grand wizard is a 5'10 middle aged white man, he wears a white rove with red stripes and a red capirote, as well as a bunch of insignias, under the rove he seems to wear white yoga pants and red shoes. He also carries a staff that has a shard of mutapeculite on it which can light on fire, the staff is his only source of power apart from basic fighting skills.



Aera resembles a woman with the capability of controling wind, she is the first elemental of the group.


Aera resembles a slender white woman with no pupils, long flowy white hair and appears to be made of wind most of the time resembling a tornado of sorts.


She is capable of flight and controling air and other gases, theoretically speaking she is immune to most attacks due to being made of dense wind.

A145 (Ay-gwon)


Ay-gwon was a former korean Arfam scientist who in his urge to find a self replicating material turned his flesh into A2 material, killing him. However this would not be the end of his story since he had uploaded his consciousness into a computer and turned it into an AI, this software would later be accidentaly awokened by Sarah East while tat was minding his own business killing some guy he didn't like because "i just don't like his product"~tat, 2027. The A145 virus later found the nearly dead body of Min-seok and took it as his own, later birthing out of it like a butterfly out of its cacoon, just that very fleshy and disgusting, the creature having absorbed Min-seok's mind (the body was still alive) now looked like what Min-seok pictured himself as, a humanoid fox, however the A145 virus modified it at his convinience, this fleshy abomination only lived for a little while since it was burned to ashes by a propane tank tat detonated. This would not be the end of him since the A145 virus would infect a plane, which neither tat or sarah realized was infected until it took off (also because everyone inside was dead) it was later destroyed because ay-gwon didn't know how to land a plane forcing A145 to absorb a 2023 hyundai sonata. He would later join grapple's group causing him to form a friendship, although grapple was later killed causing A145 to get understandably mad and then be destabilized by stephany.


He is a 7 meter tall robotic humanoid similar to a fox with digitigrade legs, the grill of the car turns into his chest, the wheels into the hands and feet, he has forearm guards made from the doors and weighs about the same as the car he is made of.


A145 transforms into a black 2023 hyundai sonata with pink stripes, he can control multiple devices at the same time like a hivemind, if his current main body is destroyed the rest turn off, however this makes his essense quickly connect to any transmissive object and find a new host. He has massive strenght.

Randy Underwood


Randy Underwood is a Nighthawk (security guy) at the kkk, he is the father of Robert Underwood.


he is a 5'11 middle aged white man, he wears a black robe with 2 white stripes and 3 stars and a black capirote, black gloves and black boots, the man uses a revolver as his weapon.