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there are plenty of things that might be real but only have a few points to stand on, but not really a full body

for this occasion i will compile a bunch of theories



from october 2016 to april 2019 various experiments were carried on in Seoul, South Korea.

These operations resulted in the creation of a biomechanical material capable of growing exponentially and a computer virus capable of taking over control of any conductive material, including human beings.

September 1999

"I do wonder what happened in september of 1999"

Incident_01: the complex became widespread as an urban legend, for it had been reported to appear in many peoples' dreams, this is not that strange since it had been occuring since 1976 however, it had not been reported this much until september 1999.

quote from Mike Garrison: "i remember when i was a kid, i had dreams where i wake up in a white room, with a lot of halls which conducted to other rooms"

in the button below you will download a zip file containing the interview's audio recording and text recording, as well as sketches of what "the complex" may or may not have looked like